3. A Compact History III: New Dimension, New Format, New Millennium

32 bits of pure power.

This is the third part in the abbreviated series. Learn about the video game industry’s transition to three-dimensional graphics and the optical disc format, and more!


1. Consoles of the fifth generation.
2. Gameplay of FIFA International Soccer for the 3DO.
3. Footage of the PlayStation price announcement at the 1995 E3.
4. Gameplay of the Virtual Boy in action (about as close as you can get without the actual console).
5. Examples of the Sega and Nintendo consoles released in South Korea (scroll to second table).

– Theme: Azureflex – “Intro” obtained from freemusicarchive.org (Creative Commons License: bit.ly/1HyZTCk) | PolarChips – “Nocturnal (8-Bit Jazz)” (bit.ly/2EcXQIQ).
– “8-Bit Celtic” obtained from dl-sounds.com.
– All sound clips used in accordance with the FAIR USE Act.


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