2. A Compact History II: The Resurgent Market

Our 8-Bit Savior.

This is the second part of an abbreviated history of video gaming. Learn about the resurgence of the video game industry, the third and fourth home console generations, the rise of handheld consoles, and more.

Game on, friends!


1. Consoles of the third generation.
2. Famicom Disk System startup music.
3. Nintendo Gamecube menu music (slowed down version of #2).
4. Consoles of the fourth generation.
5. The Game Boy handheld family.
6. Atari Lynx .
7. NEC TurboExpress.
8. Sega Game Gear (and its TV Tuner).

– Theme: Azureflex – “Intro” obtained from freemusicarchive.org (Creative Commons License: bit.ly/1HyZTCk) | PolarChips – “Nocturnal (8-Bit Jazz)” (bit.ly/2EcXQIQ).
– “8-Bit Celtic” obtained from dl-sounds.com.
– All sound clips used in accordance with the FAIR USE Act.


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