3. A Compact History III: The Search for More Money


The third episode is here!

Episode 3 of an abbreviated history of video gaming. This one explores the efforts of a few college students to monetize video gaming, which led to the first arcade machines, Atari, and ultimately, Pong.

Game on, friends!


1. Example of a PDP-11 with attached tape drive.
2. Bill Pitts and Hugh Tuck, hard at work on their Galaxy Game prototype.
3. Galaxy Game, finished product.
4. Emulation of Galaxy Game (1971) gameplay.
5. Nolan Bushnell (left) and Ted Dabney (right).
6. Computer Space cabinet.
7. Footage of Computer Space (1971) gameplay.
8. Bill Nutting, in front of a Computer Space cabinet.
9. Original Pong prototype.
10. Multiple angles of the original Pong prototype.
11. Full-size mass-produced Pong cabinet.
12. Footage of Pong (1972) gameplay.
13. Original Pong advertisement with Syzygy reference.

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– Theme: Azureflex – “Intro” obtained from freemusicarchive.org (Creative Commons License: bit.ly/1HyZTCk) | PolarChips – “Nocturnal (8-Bit Jazz)” (bit.ly/2EcXQIQ) 
– “8-Bit Celtic” obtained from dl-sounds.com 
– All sound clips used in accordance with the FAIR USE Act

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