Welcome to The Story of Video Gaming!

Hello, my name is Jonathan., and welcome to the Story of Video Gaming.



I want to preface this adventure with a caveat – l am just an armchair historian and avid gamer. I am by no means a professional researcher or writer, and what you hear at first may seem unpolished and unabashedly amateurish, but I suppose that is a part of the learning curve!

What I hope to accomplish with this podcast is a casual, yet thorough glance at the history of what I believe is the most vibrant entertainment medium ever established.

While there is a great deal of exhaustive and wonderfully-written literature and videos published on this subject, I have lamented, as a lover of the podcast medium, the lack of historical material offered over the airwaves. I will attempt to rectify this insufficiency and provide a (hopefully, mostly complete) narrative history on the subject of video gaming. I will begin with the far past and, with luck and perseverance, continue researching and releasing content that will fill in all the gaps that lead up to the story of video gaming as we know it in our own time.

This being my first attempt at creating a podcast, I will welcome all criticisms and suggestions. If you have an idea for an episode, I kindly encourage you to share it. I hope to publish new episodes every week, but of course, we will have to see how that goes in the future. To supplement this podcast, I will provide on this website pictures, videos, and any other media that relate to the material discussed in each episode.

Lastly, I want to thank my dear loved ones for all of their ideas and advice concerning this endeavor. And most of all, I thank them for their continued support and love, without which this project would not be feasible.

Game on, friends!

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